How men and women travel differently

How men and women travel differently

Men always ask, what do women want? The answer is of course all, plus a vacation that does not include sleeping on the ground, killing their own dinner or places in the Bleachers at any sporting event. Face it - we know that men and women are different, so why do we plan all our trips together? If its not your honeymoon (in which case you really should go together), it might be best if both sexes took at least one trip each year without their significant others. Why? Because you can really enjoy yourself more.

Men and women want different things from vacation. Many men like to spend their free time watching, or participating in, sporting events. When choosing between a VIP experience at a major sporting event such as Super Bowl, front row seats for a Rolling Stones concert, an entertainment event like the Grammy award, which includes schmoozing with celebrities or a week in Paris, an overwhelming number of men chose the sporting event.

According to a new study, only 16 percent would prefer a week in Paris. In other words, men would rather make a pilgrimage to the sacred site of Notre Dame in Indiana than the Notre Dame Cathedral in France. The same study showed that only 6% of women would choose the sporting event over the other elections. Still stranger is why someone spends money on this survey to tell it self-evidently. Duh!

Unfortunately, surveys are superfluous what men and women want from a trip, and since everyone was unique we all want different things. However, clichés are clichés for a reason - usually its a truth to them. For example, it is widely believed that travelers traveling want to see the world in relative comfort and safety, perhaps from the edge of a pool or beach chair, with a little shopping thrown in for good measure. Men, on the other hand, are seen as robusta and macho, disappearing the niceties in a five-star resort in favor of turning the road and waving it with nothing but a rucksack, thumbs and maybe a change of underwear, if they think they need it.

Many women would like to travel quickly and loose like men, but then they risk being regarded as fast and loose. In fact, a woman traveling alone can get into serious problems, depending on her destination. Is easier for men to visit more places and have more experiences while traveling solo because they do not have to worry so much about where they sleep at night, who drives the car theyve just come in and who thinks they are easy because they are American. Womens travelers must consider the consequences of everything they do, from how short the dress is, to the neighborhood where the hotel is located, whether they should pack short sides.

Having said that, men and women often experience similar experiences when traveling in major cities like Tokyo, New York or Chicago. In addition, most Western European cities are considered safe for travelers traveling alone or with friends, as public transport is quite safe, English is often spoken and European women have many of the same rights as their American counterparts. If your travel plans include places farther away from the beaten track or considered to be a higher risk, you may want to travel with a travel group for increased security.

At an emotional level, many women see travel as a means of personal growth, and they seek experiences that provide meaningful contact with people from other cultures. They want recipes for local cuisine and souvenirs created by regional craftsmen, factors that are always considered high by men.

Since men tend to be more competitive than most women, their travel experiences tend to have clear goals. For example, men and women want to go to the top of a mountain, but men want to reach the peak during record time while women do not care how long it takes, giving greater weight to enjoying the sights along the way. In the end, the slow way lets you get more out of a trip, as travel (like life) is best seen as a trip rather than a destination.

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